Personal Training

Work one on one with one of our trainers on boxing, kickboxing, strength training and general fitness.
 Fees are not included in memberships.


Boxing/Kickboxing Technique Training

If you want to learn proper technique on a more personal basis this is the perfect thing for you!  Work one on one with one of our boxing trainers to improve on your boxing skills.  Your technique will improve and you could get in the best mental and physical shape ever!

Personal Training

One of our personal trainers will customize a training program suited for your needs and your goals.  The personal trainers will analyze your current fitness condition, design a program that will help you reach your goals, teach you how to properly do the exercises and keep you motivated!


30, 60 or 90 minute
1 person, Partner or Small group
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Amanda Rundquist

Hi I’m Amanda! My background stems from my time as a former competitive USA Gymnast in my youth. In my teen years, I spent some time in the boxing ring under the instruction of the “Fabulous Freddy Moore” international pro boxer. After having 2 children, I had a few health struggles but when I was introduced to weight lifting, I fell in love with it! I overcame many challenges I had faced including 30lb weight loss, correcting the poor posture I had picked up at my desk job, and strengthening my severely week core. That was when I realized that personal training was what I wanted to pursue. I wanted to help others and save them the trial and error that I went through searching for the solutions on my own. I am extremely passionate about helping people and would love to help you reach your full potential while having FUN doing it!!! Fitness should be fun and when you commit to it, you’re doing something truly amazing for yourself, you’ll feel better and the rewards (results) will follow. My current certifications are through American Council on Exercise (ACE) in Personal Fitness Training, Weight Management and Sports Nutrition. I’m also a certified Silver & Fit Instructor. Fun Fact: If it can’t go in my blender, I’m not cooking it!


Joshua Willgrubs

Hello all!!  My name is Joshua Willgrubs.

I was born in Woodbury, New Jersey a long time ago. I also spent 6-7 years living in North Carolina when I was a young man, but I have by far lived the largest portion of my life in the Red Wing area (on one side of the border or the other).

I was never really into sports as a kid but more of the adventurous (mischievous) type. I spent almost everyday on my bike riding around the neighborhood or in the woods on some adventure or another. I was basically an admitted nerd who had a passion for reading (mostly fantasy books) and drawing. When I got a little older I started to get into sports as a way to use up some energy, gain confidence and “fit in.” As I went through school I tried basketball, swimming, volleyball, soccer, baseball and track and never really caught the bug for any of them.

After I left high school I realized that what I really enjoyed were physical activities that I could do on my own. I truly enjoyed activities where I could challenge myself physically as well as mentally. I have been a runner off and on for most of my adult life (depending on how my knees feel) and have also enjoyed lifting weights and calisthenics.

Like most people who enjoy exercising, doing the same things repeatedly over and over again can get old and uninspiring. So one day I was talking to a good friend of mine and he mentioned that he had joined a local fight team and was training in Mixed Martial Arts 3-4 times a week. It was the exact thing I was looking for to break up my exercise monotony. I asked if I could come check it out and never looked back.

Since then I have spent countless hours learning fighting techniques. I have been in the cage for three MMA fights (2-1) and have had 1000’s of rounds of sparring and grappling. I have learned solid techniques in boxing, muay thai, kickboxing and jui jitsu, mostly to be used all together in an MMA atmosphere. Although I love to do all aspects of martial arts, striking has really become my passion. Martial arts such as boxing, kickboxing and muay thai have all been parts of the striking puzzle that I have strived to learn.

My classes stress proper technique and form over all else. My goal is to build a solid foundation of striking that starts with correct stance, form and movement. I love to teach in a light hearted fun way that is inviting and easy to understand. It is really a group effort and the more fun we have the more everyone will learn from the class. So if you want to learn some basic self defense, add to an already existing skill set or just get off the couch and break free of your comfort zone, come down and give it a try. You won’t be disappointed




My name is Vincent, I moved from Baltimore, MD, where I practiced Krav Maga for 5+ years and trained in Israel for 1. I have taught this style of self-defense to law enforcement, military, and civilians.

I hold several certifications in firearms, defensive tactics, and edged weapon. I have experience instructing all ages from 5 to 65+.
I am certified by ISSA in personal training and have built training programs for clients since 2012.

I am whole heartedly invested in assisting you (who is reading this) to reach your full potential and to build a strong foundation in fitness, boxing, and achieve a high level of focus even when engaged in a chaotic situation. I look forward to working with all of you!

I'll see you in the gym!






Hi everyone!! I am SUPER excited to work with you all!! I have been married to Luke for 9 years and we have two completely energetic and absolutely wonderful boys who are 6 and 4! I love being a mom and my secondary passion is in the gym. I love seeing the excitement on people's faces when they reach a goal they have been striving for! After being a nurse for many years... and caring for people my whole life, I have really found my niche helping people. I am now a certified personal trainer and health coach and stay at home mom! I love pretty much all workouts right now boxing is my favorite, along with tabata, and swimming, and ALL cardio/ strength!! I can't wait to help you all reach your goals and work with you on your journey!
The first step is the hardest, let's do this together!!
Mandy will be teaching tabata style Boxing!